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Extremist Pro-Trump Site Banned by Amazon


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Amazon is finally doing something good. It's so nice to see something finally happening about the conservative to fascist pipeline on the internet that feeds people disinformation and radicalizes them.

Parler is about to be banned by AWS (their website hosting service without which they can't be accessed) for repeated violations of ToS including failure to remove violent content. The DC attacks were coordinated and planned largely on this site that brands itself as "free speech" when in reality it does promote only one side. 

They can still continue to exist online but they will need a new host. No major provider is likely to allow them (Microsoft Azure is the biggest alternative). They also believe they're being "censored" in a "coordinated" attack so they want to be independent but I can personally tell you hosting from your own servers is a nightmare and a bad idea and is bound to fail due to security and logistical (storage etc.) reasons long term. 

This comes after Parler was removed from the Google Play Store first and then the Apple App Store. :happydance:

The evil is being defeated. 


An example of the unhinged content on this site (response to the announcement that the Amazon ban is occurring within 24 hours):


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It’s about time someone put their foot down and did something about the growing dumpster fire that is the internet. I understand it could be near impossible to contain negative content online, we are human at the end of the day, but I am totally here for censoring this type of content forever.

In an every changing world I don’t think there is a place for extreme conservatives who refuse to acknowledge that we are all individuals with different wants and needs. Good riddance and I hope none of these big companies back down. 

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1 hour ago, Bakugo said:

Imagine if stans spoke like this??

Sounds like shade! It would be a pity if someone with drag race training were to pay a visit to some Hollywood Hills mansions - the locations of which are public knowledge!

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Pop visitors
1 hour ago, Dirkje said:

Everybody seems to be done with Trump and we enjoy to see that! :happydance:

We'll he's pratically powerless without social media, so he can't make his thinly veiled threats. :tea:

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Apparently archive teams have scraped between ~80TB of data before the site went down. There are some conflicting reports about what was actually scraped & by whom, but @donk_enby on Twitter seems to be the most reliable source right now. 


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