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Love Me Right Extended and Revamped


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Oof I love this version so much! My main problem with all of chromosome is that its too short for a Gaga album! I get wanting streams etc. BUT lil Olivia is proving that a 4 minute song can slay streams.

Even if the songs were 3 min 30 and plus I would have been much more in love with the entire album. 

Anyways, chile! Listen to this version! 

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I love this. I wish Gaga would have done some more for this song. it's a good song but it should have been longer. That sax bridge was amazing

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ARTPOPster 2,173
7 hours ago, SLAG said:

This sounds really good but it would've been better if they repeated the prechorus instead of the first verse.:bradley:

No imagine if she went “Is what I am seeing real or is it just a sa-iiiiiiiign”

I feel like that could fit well there :billie:

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