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new popster in the electric chappel


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Hello Popa911, My name is Holy Fool but you call me Judas, I'm from France.
My favorite Lady Gaga album is Born This Way and my favorite song is Judas.
Other musicians I also like Grimes, Charlie XCX, Sophie (RIP) and SZA.
Something else about me I'd like to share is I am very passionate in contemporary art.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you all soon!:love:

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2 minutes ago, Delusional said:

Welcome to the forum! My name is delulu. Make sure to submit :delulu-bird: in the February emote competition! :sweat:

You are very welcome in our community ::-D:

thank you :love: I didn't understand that part about the competition :wacko:

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1 minute ago, Delusional said:

It’s a competition we have here where you can submit gifs and pictures to be emotes on the site. I’m campaigning for this iconic gif to be added:


Feel free to submit any you like when it comes!

I will! is this icarly? :laugh:

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Kindness Admin 6,925

Welcome fellow BTW Stan, I love to see it! Good luck with the Oreos and I hope you enjoy the site! We have a lot of fun here. Don't let @Delusional's self-interests sway you too hard :shakes:

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