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A Popster Is Born 11,965
6 hours ago, Twitter said:

The fact a collab could have happened. 

They kept teasing it around the time lol 

But this was a masterpiece (a bonus track for 'Circus' Gaga wrote and had backing vocals on) and could've easily have been a t10 for them both during Circus/TF:


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2 hours ago, Delusional said:

Not exactly. We were in a feud round and everyone put Quicksand as a song Gaga produced/wrote for someone else - whereas Mr. @little legend didn’t so he didn’t get any points and lost the game :billiecat: 

You’d think the person who got the bonus track in their country would get it right :billiecat:

Wasn't that the same round he answered Max Harrison or something as a producer :icant: I remember that ceremony vividly :billiecat:

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