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The CHARTPOP thread: interactive music graphs


Which music service's data would you like to see next?  

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  1. 1. Which music service's data would you like to see next?

    • Spotify
    • YouTube
    • Something else (please leave a reply)

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Hello everyone!

Some of you may know already that @admin and I own this charts tracking website called CHARTPOP. It's a fun, interactive web app that lets you track chart positions on iTunes and Radio (so far, more to come) in a meaningful way. The focus is on trends instead of raw numbers. If you're a chartster who finds themselves making charts manually to compare songs, give CHARTPOP a go and see if it can automatically do it for you! :oscar: And if there's a feature you would like to see in CHARTPOP, be sure to mention it in this thread. ::-):

Link: https://www.chartpop.live

Here are a few key features so far:

  • Compare iTunes performance of 2 songs
  • Compare US radio performance of up to 5 songs!
  • See the top songs at a glance on the homepage
  • Much better looking than Kworb and easier to digest ::-D:
  • Radio data is highly customizable. Pick from the Top 100 songs.
    • Hover on the particular date to see the AI
    • Zoom in and out of date ranges
    • Compare the beginnings of songs to see which one is rising faster
    • See the full radio run of a song


Plus, I keep making small "housekeeping" changes. Recently I added progress bars to the homepage instead of spinny things because I was on this website that was taking forever to load and I was like, "wow I hate when it has spinners instead of progressbars" :uhh: and then I realized my very own CHARTPOP did too :bradley: So I had to fix it :ohyes:

Some screenshots:





Once again, let me know if you would like to see any new features! I really want this to be a "by chartsters, for chartsters" site. ::-):

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omg i love this, i used it once before to show scooters clients (mustin and ariana's) radio play compared to other artists. i would love Spotify to be included. this is so cool and the ui is really pretty

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