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Best Gaga instrumentals?


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Popstanne 6,426

What are some of your favorite Gaga instrumentals?


Some of my faves include:

TF: Poker Face, Paparazzi

TFM: Dance in the Dark, Alejandro

Born This Way: Judas, Scheiße, Marry the Night, Heavy Metal Lover

ARTPOP: G.U.Y., Mary Jane Holland, Donatella

Joanne: John Wayne, Perfect Illusion

Chromatica: Alice, 911, Babylon, ROM

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ARTPOPster 1,279

TF: I Like It Rough
TFM: Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone
BTW: Bloody Mary, Americano, Marry the Night
ARTPOP: Fashion, Gypsy
Chromatica: Alice, Replay, Babylon

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