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Best Gaga's MV ?


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The Fame Popster 394
20 hours ago, Grasim said:
  1. Bad romance 
  2. 911
  3. Applause 
  4. Telephone 
  5. Marry the night 
  6. Born this way 
  7. Paparazzi  
  8. Alejandro 
  9. Judas
  10. John wayne 



Bad romance 


Poker face 

Perfect illusion



Telephone short version

Love game 

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1. Alejandro

2. Telephone

3. Judas

4. Bad Romance

5. 911

6. Paparazzi

7. Applause

8. Marry The Night

9. Yo√ľ¬†and I

10. G.U.Y (she deserves better but some scenes are a choice imo and also the editing in some parts is hmm)

Special mention: Perfect Illusion and John Wayne.


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