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Vogue interview: Gaga sings through makeup instead of her voice


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“I think the celebration of makeup is beautiful, but I also think what’s beautiful is someone who may not know if they’re very good at makeup but may want to try anyway. I want to speak to that person and say, ‘I see you and I hear you. This is me singing to you through makeup instead of my voice.’” Here, the Oscar winner and brand cofounder breaks down the very lyrical appeal of her latest launch." etc.

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I am obsessed with Gaga's manicure in this video (also lol the peeling skin on her shoulder, getting so much sun), I really want to get the same thing done but it would immediately get ruined I'm sure bc I have to wash my hands 1000x a day.

The colors in the palette are lovely but it is a very very similar colour story to the glam room palette. I love the packaging and it definitely matches the theme of the album really well, I just struggle to justify buying it as I already own like 75% of these shades. :fuming: but the packaging is still tempting me

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