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Gaga’s First Blog Post


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I remember stumbling across this back in the day and reading it again now you can really feel her enthusiasm  


Hello. My name is Lady GaGa. And this is the first blog entry, Ever. The first one. Always and forever by me, for the launch of my website. WWW.LADYGAGA.COM. 


Welcome to my blog: HAUS OF GAGA I intend to fill it with the coolest, most fabulous, decidedly important, up and coming, fashion, music, movies, articles, people, parties, hot-spots, ideas, recipes, and photos of me on the go as I begin my journey around the world to promote my album "The Fame," with my first single "Just Dance". Its a club banga. 

So, I'm laying on my new purple couch at 8:30 am (i wake up early), to begin my work for the day. And as everyday approaches for the video release and single service to radio I obsess endlessly about more projects for me to sink my new yawk teeth into. Writing for other artists, designing new clothes/lady gaga props, watching bowie and devo dvds to get ideas for my show, and now (shazaam) I can't breathe I am so excited about this blog. This is the only place that I can constantly document all the new information thats inspiring me, and i can edit it all i want! Add to it, change it, stream it, upload it, download it. An interactive site dedicated to my deranged, superfan, looney-tunes love of pop culture. 

So. Lets talk about this video. Because I feel like it. 

Just Dance


The official video. Just Dance 

I've watched it upwards of 500 times, and am impressed by my personal audacity to maneuver my way to video-edits with the director Melina, she is a genius. She's from New York, and working with her was one of the greatest creative experiences I've had yet. My vision for the video was "a house party in Brooklyn," but with all the sentiment glamour and filth of a downtown soiree or trashfest, with a touch of my Italian gaud and fascination with mobster movie motifs. Having Melina as a director, I felt as if she had been with me (perhaps in my purse) for the last 4 years following me during the NYC music grind. Her intuitions and attention to detail were scary, THANK YOU MELINA.


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