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I just released a song!

Ms Arid Lost

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Hey fellow popsters!

I love music and I have tried to produce music a few years ago when the GGD Song Contest was a thing. Now, I've taken some time to learn more about it and I just released the first single off a new instrumental album that I have been working on for quite a while.

My productions in this project have been influenced by a lot of artists like Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Skrillex, Grimes, ROSALÍA and many many others. This particular song was mainly influenced by a mixture of 90s music, more specifically The Prodigy and their song "Voodoo People", and Applause, by our queen, Lady Gaga.

I wanted to make a song that felt euphoric in which every beat felt like an adrenaline rush. There are no lyrics, it's all for yourself.

Here is the upload I made on YouTube xoxo.


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Hello everyone! It's been a minute since I first posted this song on YouTube. Before saying anything else, I would like to thank all the fellow popsters that took time to listen to my song, I really appreciate it. And especially, the people that has given me beautiful comments and support, it's really encouraging and motivational for us, artists, who sometimes don't feel accompanied / supported from the people that surround us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, really. :hugging: :dragon:

I've taken this time to evolve and to try to keep going a step forward. I have decided to upload my music on other streaming platforms (other than YouTube). If you have Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music... you can now listen to this song, All To Myself, as well as other songs from my catalogue.

I would love if you supported me there :prideheart:. Thank you popsters!

@Andreu @ClownOreos @OliverDespechao @plasticdeek @kaelergrey @LaMaterialista



Apple Music:


Amazon Music:


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