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Poll Who’s hotter: Dan Horton or Taylor Kinney?


Who’s hotter?  

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  1. 1. Pick gheys

    • Dan Horton
    • Taylor Kinney
    • Jo Calderon

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10 minutes ago, SLAG said:

She has a type. :tea: They’re both hot but look at the material, Taylor m8. 


4 minutes ago, Modern Ecstasy2 said:

Taylor for sure 

Yes but Dan gives me that “I don’t care how I look vibe” and that’s so so damn SEXY!!!!!!!! 

  • yaas, gaga 1
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52 minutes ago, Daylight Jokers said:

Just like magazines not including him whenever they write about Gaga's past relationships. :ohyes:

He’s like the little ex that never could :carly_bye: lol


4 minutes ago, A Little Monsterrr said:

I like Jo and Dan but Taylor has to take the bag for it nnnn

you guys are doing Dan so dirty... 

Taste lost...

I’m out :carly_bye:

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Deactivated 14,311
9 hours ago, lavenderblondee said:

Taylor wins most rounds. Dan looks good with the shades on, but when I googled him..he isn't my type. :uhh:

Shades are shady! You never know whats underneath! 

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