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  1. This is one might be a grower...
  2. Kimmo

    Your Top 5 of 2020

    My top albums: Chromatica SAWAYAMA Miss Anthropocene evermore Future Nostalgia
  3. No My favorite is still this iconic one:
  4. Question of the century, which in your opinion is the better album gheys? ARTPOP Chromatica:
  5. Kimmo

    I'm new!

    Welcome king, I hope I get to see a lot of you around here...
  6. Kimmo

    Hey y'all!

    You’re name isn’t Kacper? But you’ll keep looking for wonderland? jk welcome Miss Alice
  7. Yay @Gracious Gaga I remember you king! Welcome
  8. I have no other option but to Stan your p**sy
  9. She picked that instead of “Who’s Gonna Save U Now”? Choices I guess...
  10. The first Main Pop Girl showing her kinky side
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