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Unreleased Gaga songs


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ARTPOPster 1,672
2 hours ago, holyxfad said:

What is your favourite unreleased Gaga song?

there's a lot like Brooklyn Nights. Out Of Control, Earthquake, Greatest Thing, Retro Physical, Nothing On (But The Radio), Reloaded, Let Love Down, Princess Die, Filthy Pop, Cake Like Lady Gaga, PARTYNAUSEOUS, Animal, Fooled Me Again, Second Time Around, No Way, Future Love, etc. but those that stand out to me/my favorites are:

  • Out Of Control
  • NO(BTR)
  • Let Love Down
  • Greatest Thing
  • Retro Physical
  • Earthquake
  • Reloaded
  • Animal
  • Second Time Around
  • Brooklyn Nights
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Kindness Admin 6,921
  1. Future Love
  2. Let Love Down
  3. Fooled Me Again
  4. Brooklyn Nights
  5. Princess Die
  6. Nothing on but the Radio
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