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“Shallow” Reaches 1 Billion Views on Youtube

Battle For Your Life

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Pop-a-911-ster 27,290

not you trying to snatch the thread of Shallow hit 1 billion without it even hit 1 b:lesson:

mods pls ban this user:lesson:


jokking :classic_love:


it needs just 600k views, another billion video is coming:oscar:


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The Popster 119
1 hour ago, NotDoctor said:

I love Shallow but the popularity of it will never make sense.  Happy for it though 😅

It’s a pretty love song ballad. Much like those Adele releases. it’s a song with simple and cute lyrics all the meanwhile matched with Gaga’s incredible vocals. Something you can sing along with.

There’s no foolproof formula for a WW smash hit though. It just comes. And Gaga struck the cord 3-4 times already :romance:

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ARTPOPster 1,319
50 minutes ago, Daylight Oreos said:

It's literally just 600,000 views away from 1 billion. It is going to hit 1b views before 2021.

I know but like 

It’s not not the same energy, we could celebrate when it actually hits 1 billion 

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