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V2.2 - Refreshed Discover page


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Kindness Admin 6,925

Hey Popsters,

V2.2 is out now with several tweaks and fixes, but there are two main items I want to bring to your attention. The second will launch later this week (a beautiful Team page), but the first is live now, the refreshed Discover page.

The Discover page is going to be a go to place to see topics that the POP a 911 team thinks are important, but more important where we highlight the content from our community. After the promoted content at the top we have two new sections:


Here you will find topics from across the community that span the test of time. Both of these have a wide array of topics and every time you refresh, you'll get 5 random topics from each. It's also fun on mobile because you can scroll through them horizontally. Eventually I'll add the ability to expand and see all the topics at once. But this is a great place to find some topics you might have missed and might have an interest in. Doesn't matter if they haven't been updated in two months or two hours, they're always relevant.


The next sections are a refreshed view of important topics. First we have games and events that are happening now and you should join while they're still active. Expect more graphics to come over time as well. Next we have featured topics from the entire team both big and small. Lastly, a refreshed look at our newest members and their intro threads. Their profile pics are prominent and you should definitely always stop in to say hello.

I hope people find some good topics from this page and I think it'll be really nice for newer popsters who don't know the site well. I also want to keep pushing the content of the site in new and interesting ways. And as always, more shall come!

I'll post when the team page is up, I'm excited to really emphasize the wonderful people we have keeping this site fun, safe and engaging.

Plus, 45 was impeached AGAIN today. Hope everyone is well, don't forget, your ARTPOP can mean anything.

- admin

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