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I'm Releasing a New Song on Friday (Teaser)

Battle For Your Life

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RIP Angel 1,992

Since I wouldn't be able to work on the album I'm planning to release this year any time soon, I decided to release the title track on Friday. Here's a teaser of my new single, 'Retrospective':

People who might be interested:


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RIP Angel 1,992
19 hours ago, gagaschickens said:

οmg i cant wait :enigma:


17 hours ago, MiKEY said:

we love you!


15 hours ago, ProjectJoanne said:

YES!!!! :oscar:


39 minutes ago, Twitter said:

@Daylight Jokers excited and proud of you. Since GGD days, this is your moment and time to shine! 


Thank you, guys! I've been working on this song alone since November and I'm relieved it's finally ready.

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