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Lady Gaga records Top Gun: Maverick theme song, according to ShowBiz411


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The Fame Popster 401

I feel like I'm getting my wires crossed but we knew this already, right? Gaga doesn't strike me as someone who would contribute to a blockbuster soundtrack if she wasn't in said blockbuster but who else could match Giorgio Moroder's "Take My Breath Away" :ohhh:?

I desperately want to know what she's doing for Gucci :sassysalem: I heard a suggestion that made me cry with laughter. 

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ARTPOPster 2,177
11 minutes ago, WildAmerican said:

"if the news is confirmed, it will grant her another Oscar nomination"


chile what :whatga:

is this a bad translation or something :uhh:

No it just means she’d automatically get nominated :enigma:

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