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Lady Gaga X Fortnite Collaboration cancelled


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ARTPOPster 1,065

"It's official, Lady Gaga did in fact, have a Fortnite collaboration in the works. 

The pop superstar was supposed to make an appearance in the popular video game as part of the Chromatica era promotion.

Lady Gaga was going to appear alongside starts such as Ariana Grande and J Balvin in a three month rollout for Forntite's Party Royale. 

The document has Lady Gaga listed as "Pop Star 2' and "Headliner." Possibly hinting at a Chromatica virtual concert/show through Fortnite's Party Royale Mode. Lady Gaga and Fortnite were slated to unveil their epic crossover in December of 2020 but these plans have been scrapped due to the COVID-19 Pandemic."





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The Popster 162


- Plans of the original were documented for Fiscal Quarter Presentation of June 2020.

- The original PowerPoint with specifically pointing out "Ariana Oct and Lady Gaga Dec" are labeled old slides and thus, are outdated.

- New slides specified "Pop Star" for Dec 2020, however used a picture of Gaga at JWT.

- If cancelled, it was cancelled in the summer, not December 2020.

- Other leaks said Naruto, Samus Aran, Katniss, Diehard, The Bridge, etc would come to Fortnite. There are more of these that either got scrapped or delayed.

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ARTPOPster 1,531

Wait... what if this has to do with the Apple lawsuit. Maybe they wanted to sell live show tickets through the app and didn't want Apple getting 30% of that.

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