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Iko Garcia - VAULT EP

Battle For Your Life

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RIP Angel 1,992

Hey, guys. I have just released an EP today. This is going to be a collection of demos of some of my unreleased songs where my vocals sound (kinda) good enough for release. I am doing this as my speech will never be the same after surgery. I guess one may call it a tribute to my old vocals. But you know what? I am grateful I'll still be able to keep my voice. The doctor's initial plan was to remove all my tongue as well as my voice box but I'm glad they found another way to remove my cancer. They're still gonna take away half of my tongue, but I'd take that ovet no tongue at all. My voicebox will be untouched.

I will be in the operating room in the next three hours. This is probably going to be my last post this month as I will be bed ridden in the next couple of days/weeks.

My vocals will not be as good as they were before but at least they will not be taken away from me.




Let me know which track you think's the best. :gaga-thanks:



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ARTPOPster 2,177

It’s not available in my country yet :gaga-scream:

And I’m praying for your health!!! I love you and it’s scary but it’s finally gonna be healed! You can say you’ve beaten cancer on your long list of overwhelming accomplishments 💖

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