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Ask me anything! (For a video!)


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ARTPOPster 2,177

Hey everyone! I’m gonna be making a Q&A video for my channel on YouTube based as promo for my two singles that just came out! Leave any questions you may have down below in the replies or leave a comment on the video :)



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The Popster 248

1) What would you do if when you okay so he said yes would go?


2) What's a style / aesthetic / sound you wanna try out someday but are too scared to rn? 


3) If  you could replace all of the grass in the world with something else, what would it be and why?


4) f-, Marry, Kill :

Marina D

Lady Gaga 

Rain Frog


5) How's your head? 


6) Was Yorick truly poor or was that all a lie 


7) WHY DID 7 EAT 9


8) What's the message / s you would like to push with your songs / art?


9) Question missing


10)... I genuinely forgot what I was gonna say because I was distracted lol


11) Oh, I was gonna ask whether you prefer Roblox or Minecraft 


12) Favourite @gagaschickenssingle? 



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Community Leader 1,294

1. Why are you so d*mn perfect? :bunny:

2. Whats the next single? :ohhh:

3. When will you release the album? :ohhh:

4. Are you aware that Billboard Music and MTV are shaking upon your presence? :ohhh:

5. How are you? :sweat:

Also, We love you so much. :kiss:

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