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[Leak?] "Sour Candy" - Madison Love Demo


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12 minutes ago, ChromaticRaccoon said:

This slaps so hard WTF :zoom:

i'm more impressed at the fact that gags didn't have a big involvement with this since the lyrics are identical :icant:

the only thing new is the rappy part

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This demo makes it seem like this song was written for blackpink by an American songwriter since the lyrics are exactly the same as the English translation from the Korean parts on the lyric video

and then gaga hopped on it

instead of Gaga writing and then asking blackpink to hop on ( which was what we were originally told) 


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The Fame Popster 401

Now why did I read this as Madison Beer :billie:

2 hours ago, NotDoctor said:

Do we have any idea where in the process this was created? Like do we for sure know it predated any work from Gaga and her team?

Well, Madison talked about writing the song with Gaga's producers out of context so the official story is Gaga only added her spin on it, anyway. The oh-oh-oh at 1:06 might be a Gaga-ism (we need a better word for this omg). 

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The Fame Popster 309

Essentially, Gaga heard the skeletal version of it which Madison & Bloodpop had worked on together, felt it was good enough to work with Chromatica, added her portion to it, had it mixed for cohesion and gave Madison Love + BP exposure & an easy way to rake in royalties. I see nothing wrong :gaga-thanks:

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Pop-a-911-ster 28,874

I don't like seeing Gaga using demos by other people, but also there are a few things we need to keep in mind:

  • What was previously written is Blackpink's part and the chorus. We can't blame Gaga for not writing BPs part right? and we are not gonna pretend it's a catastrophe that Gaga didn't write one (1) chorus. In my opinion is not the same case as when a Beyonce,Dua or Rihanna song leaks and it's exactly the same song, same production, same lyrics, just sung by another person.
  • We can't say Gaga wrote 100% of her stuff, okay, not a big deal for her I guess so it shouldn't be for us either. But what we can't let people do is overblow the impact of these songs. Granted, Gaga has a few songs that other people started writing (SC, Come to Mama, Sine From Above), but they're not the big songs that are representative of her career.
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