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So I Wrote a song lyrics cause I can´t sleep about LG so if anyone knows how to produce a song hit me up :D


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Popster This Way 567

My mother, my father, my sister, my brother my Icon or better my TRICON

you helped me survive my rough years in my mind through a dialton and give me life 

you will always be the craziest bad bitch be with all the hype

and the talent to make  it right 

You inspired me to write music again with your attitude and how strong you are in body and mind

I don´t only want to survive I want to succed in live every night when my creatifity flows heigh...

So (k)now i strive for the art that makes my heart beat 

 My sucess isn´t measured by fame money, poower not by heat bad people want to devour 

you have sucess in life measured by people in power but you tried to make their soup sour

 so that they change the way to feed and devaour ,

I want to make their soup sour sweet like the restaurant i love to eat 

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