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Chromatica's luxury merchandise

little legend

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Pop-a-911-ster 21,481

Ordered a gift from her store for my friend’s birthday, cancelled it two months later because it still wasn’t shipped and still haven’t gotten a refund 1,5 months later :ohyes:

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Kindness Admin 6,921
3 hours ago, MANiCURE1295 said:

The Free Woman blanket is awesome, and I love my ROM hoodie and T shirt and Chromatica sweatpants! 


2 hours ago, Aphrodizy26 said:

My MTV tee is such good quality i love it

Yeah, I love my blanket and MTV shirt. My briefs and jock also get the job done :war:

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The Fame Popster 401

In August, I bought the MTV top and mask with the ROM 7" so..... I'll receive my order in six months :katy_pie:

They should've laser cut the pillows out of memory foam. The ROM coat/boots are so ugly, the WAP colors are cuter (I love that this is a sentence I can write in 2020.)

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