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Is Sour Candy a Skip?


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Just now, Delusional said:

I can’t believe what I’m reading. Literally top 3 best Gaga songs, no other song that sounds like it. :shakes: A MASTERPIECE. The visuals that formulate in my head when listening to it are IMMACULATE. Needs a video.

Now don’t get me wrong Ms Delu Delu! I stan this track! It’s just a question :icant:

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Just now, little legend said:

Sour Candy is a bop a deserved to be threatened as a Chromatica single.

Plastic Bag, 1000 Dead Doves and Stupid Bomb are a skip tho:awkney:

dog wtf GIF by truth

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Pop-a-911-ster 27,290
7 minutes ago, TINDER said:

This Thread is a SKIP! @adminplease BAN @Bakugofor this Blasphemy! :overit:

YAS, pls someone ban @Bakugo:nicki_scream:


7 minutes ago, Bakugo said:

Did you even read my response to @Delusional?? I STAN THE SONG!

omg YAS KING! we love bakugo again!


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