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Who do you want Gaga to collab with?


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A Popster Is Born 13,664

Rina Sawayama


Katy Perry only if she's capable of releasing something good ala TD


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Katy Perry/Kesha - Pop anthem 
Lana Del Rey/Adele - Power ballad 
Marina/Melaine Martinez - Haunting alternative track
Fall Out Boy/ Panic! At The Disco - Electro-Punk banger

Also, While we're here, let's get another Ari collaboration

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Popster to Popster 3,752

I'm gonna do some of the directors because I have a whole list. 

I'd love to see her do something more character driven with a director like Noah Baumbach (maybe she has an in now that she knows Adam Driver :billie:), though there are a lot of great directors doing those kinds of movies.
I think something left of center with Miranda July would be really interesting for her.
Wes Anderson. Could you imagine? :dead:
For some reason
I feel like something artsy and stripped back would be cool with Alma Har'el. She also has directed several music videos.

I also really want her to be interviewed by Marc Maron.


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Kindness Admin 6,892
12 hours ago, Miaou said:


The Weeknd

Bruno Mars



This, plus: Cardi, Lil Nas, Kendrick and Harry Styles or Troye. 

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