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Marilyn Manson "We Are Chaos" - Appreciation Thread


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"We Are Chaos" is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Marilyn Manson. It was produced by Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings, and was released on September 11, 2020 by Loma Vista Recordings and Concord Music. The title track and "Don't Chase the Dead" were both issued as singles. The album was a critical and commercial success upon release, garnering mostly positive reviews and becoming their first number one album in Portugal, and their first number one record in Australia since 1998's Mechanical Animals. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Are_Chaos)


I love this record. I also like Mansons past works and he is such an icon and legend. :bunny: My favorites are "Don't Chase the Dead", "Paint You with My Love" and "Broken Needle"...


1. Paint you With My Love


2. "Don't Chase the Dead"



3. Broken Needle




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This album is probably Marilyn Manson’s best since The Golden Age of Grotesque. I love the production and the lyrical content, definitely very surprised. With THEOL and BV, MM’s albums decreased in quality, but since TPE, there has been a lot of improvement imo.

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Wow, what a comeback. I was left disappointed with TPE after a promising start. But this one right here, I would like to believe his best material from the last two decades. He sounds great, the instrumentals are amazing. His pen got better too. Def a strong comeback, but the album will be slept on.

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