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Prediction || POPa911 member awards


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Hey popsters 


Firstly vote in the popa911 member awards if you still haven’t voting ends on January 22nd 


Who do you think is going to win or according to you deserves to win in the main four categories 

Member of the year 

monster of the year

•thread of the year 


1)POPA911 trio game 

2)POPA911 feud game

3)Chromatica megarate 

4)POPA911 member awards 

5)Gaga daily discussion 

6)Charts discussion 

•best new member 


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  • Daddy changed the title to Prediction || POPa911 member awards
2 minutes ago, ... said:

Wouldn't this just kinda expose the results? It's the same voters as the actual award.

didn’t even thought about that 

dumb thats so raven GIF

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Pop-a-911-ster 38,604
1 minute ago, Delusional said:

Not really. It’s just predictions on who we think will win, not who we want to win

there's a second part to the question in the OP

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A Popster Is Born 13,612
Just now, Delusional said:

I actually used to use it a lot before you found it chile 

I could not expect less coming from Ms. Miranda 

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Here’s mine 

•member of the year 



Will Win: @little legend

deserves to win: @admin @little legend


monster of the year 



will win: 

deserves to win: @admin @Gypsy Life @little legend


thread of the year 


Will win: charts discussion

deserves to win: popa911 feud 

best new member 


Will win: @A Little Monsterrr

Deserves to win: @Elvira @donatellab @Grasim


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