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Best Super Bowl halftime - pick 3 - POP A POLL #6


Best Super Bowl Halftime past decade  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Please pick your TOP THREE.

    • Beyoncé - 2013
    • Bruno Mars - 2014
    • Kary Perry - 2015
    • Coldplay (w. Bruno and Beyoncé) - 2016
    • Lady Gaga - 2017
    • Justin Timberlake - 2018
    • Shakira and JLO - 2020
    • The Weeknd - 2021

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Kindness Admin 6,892

This is just in the last decade. I want everyone to pick your favorite 3 (otherwise, Gaga would get 99% of the vote).

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Kindness Admin 6,892

I initially was going to do like ALL of them, but it was just too much. Sorry Michael.

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Popster to Popster 3,889

I'm not big into shows unless I know the material/the artist very well and am a stan. It's why I don't attend many concerts.

So, I might be bit bias here because Bey had a great show, but I'm hit/miss on music from her.

The Weeknd



I still don't get the backlash with Abel...he put on a great show. The mirrors sequence felt iconic and one of my favorite moments of this albums era.

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Kindness Admin 6,892
19 minutes ago, Anveeroy said:

Where is MDNA?

Umm, I don't know. It deleted the first two options. they were there before, I'm pretty sure. I feel not I can't add them cause it's too unfair. Mess.

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