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Pick one original Gaga 2021 song - POP A POLL #7


Pick one original 2021 Gaga song  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. If she only releases one this year

    • New song on Chromatica Deluxe
    • Original Jazz song on C2C 2
    • Theme song for Gucci film
    • Non-album single à la The Cure
    • Featured on another artist's song
    • Makeup song for Haus Labs
    • Soundtrack song for a movie, doc or tv show

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Popster This Way 553

I know Chromatica is suuuch an amazing piece of art and it has a huuuge potential to unleash an iconic era for us and I think if she and her team feel ready to exploit it, I'll be here for it ... 

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Popster to Popster 3,752

in order

  1. an original jazz song- I've always wanted to hear one, though I think C3C will probably be all covers again
  2. a non-album single / a feature with another artist (only if I like the other artist though :billie:)

the rest I could take or leave

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