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DJWS talks ARTPOP: "I was nearly dead"


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Popster to Popster 4,584

Everything ARTPOP makes me pretty sad; it was clearly traumatizing for a lot of the people involved.  I'm glad DJWS is feeling better about it and I do really hope we get to see some of that music some day.

It's very funny to me though, watching how people are coming out of the woodwork to comfort and validate him when a huge portion of the fanbase spent a good 7 years shitting on him and his production :billie:


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The Fame Popster 401

The ARTPOP era nearly destroyed a lot of people emotionally, physically, professionally, the list goes on and on. I'd love to hear songs from the vault but I'd also understand if Gaga doesn't want to revisit that era of her life. She never releases the same album twice and so, so much has changed since 2013. Maybe with the ten year anniversary coming up in two years, they can put together a re-release with vault songs, alts, remixes.

I also think this is clearly a plea from DJWS that she calls him for LG7. I hope she sees this bro!

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