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Kindness Admin 6,892

Hey popsters.

A couple changes have just gone live with reactions. There is a new permanent love reaction, a new shook reaction replaces wtf? and moving forward flop reacts will not reward reaction points.

These shall be our reactions moving forward (with reputation gain) and a description of their use. A few may take on unique themes when appropriate.

  1. Like (+1): This reaction will be our default reaction that will change periodically (e.g. 'yeehaw,' 'cheers'). No matter the flavor, it will always be a positive 'like' reaction at its core.
  2. Love (+1): This reaction is new and should be used when you really love a post. This too might have unique flavors from time to time (bringing this back as 'love and cookies' until our new art is ready).
  3. Yaas, Gaga (+1): When you see a post and just have to shout 'Yaas, Gaga" at it.
  4. lol (+1): Our funny react, as you've always known it.
  5. Thanks (+1): A classy thank you to a post.
  6. Sad (+1): For posts that make you sad.
  7. Hugs (+1): Showing support for serious posts.
  8. Shook (+1): When something leaves you shook or confused.
  9. Flop (+0): A shady react that shouldn't be taken nor used too seriously.

Any of your previous flop reactions will maintain their previous +1 rep, but future flop reacts will earn no reputation. As always, please do not spam reactions.

Reactions are going to be undergoing a two step change.  The second will be a visual change as I've commissioned brand new, original art for all of our reactions. That work is underway and we hope to have it later this Spring. 


  • paws up 4
  • thanks 1
  • lol 1
  • yaas, gaga 5
  • love 5
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Kindness Admin 6,892
2 minutes ago, HRH Charles said:

help this is in unreadable grey

Oops, fixed. Also, don't forget you can always click that little eraser to remove any font color changes.

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Kindness Admin 6,892
1 minute ago, Lorde Von Kok said:

Let me love react future iconic posts. The flop industry is found homeless and without any kindness hookers around.


I intended to give love a +2 reaction, but this website won't actually let me. Might try to hack it one day.

  • lol 1
  • yaas, gaga 1
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Kindness Admin 6,892
6 minutes ago, Miaou said:

Delulu coming for -18 000 reacts with all of our flop reactions on his future posts 

Imagine if I had made flop -1. It was debated. 


  • shook 2
  • lol 4
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Kindness Admin 6,892
2 minutes ago, Delusional said:

Not me YASSS gagaing instead of WTF :toofunny:

I've already mis-reacted a few times with the adjusted flow. But this order makes the most sense I think.

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Deactivated 14,311
2 minutes ago, little legend said:

Not @BenG mass flop react my previous posts.:rip:

Admin said this is illegal. 

 @admin pls lock him up and perma ban him:shine:

You first - OFF TO THE POUND! 

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