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Adele lead single "soon" with album in mid-late November


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The pop stars are aligning for a fall pre-Christmas release schedule.

Ariana Grande, who’s been unusually quiet the last few months, says on Twitter today that she can’t wait to “give” us her new album this month. By give I don’t think she means free distribution. Republic Records will brace for another hit collection in a series of successes, no doubt.

Ariana follows Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift who’ve all had 2020 releases. They’re all very different, too. But it’s definitely the era of these singers, not to forget Demi Lovato, Kesha, Pink, and a few others.

One diva has been MIA officially for five years. Adele released her “25” album in November 20, 2015. Five years is pretty much the maximum length anyone can wait, including the “Skyfall” single that came a little later. I’m told Adele will be dropping a single soon with an eye toward a similar mid-November album. Mid-to-late November is her best shot at real Christmas sales. Sony/Columbia could use it, and frankly, so could Adele. Stay tuned…

Edit: They meant to say "25", but accidentally put "21" :ally:

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I'm ready for anything Adele. Ballad Adele, Pop Princess Adele, EDM Adele... whatever she wants to serve, I am ready. I've missed her.

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