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The absolute WORST song you've ever heard?


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Banned 550

I'm talking about songs that aren't trying to be bad or are viral bad songs like Friday.

For me it's 

She literally raps through a vocoder to Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, goes on a nonsensical monologue and literally blows into the mic. "Can't you hear outside of your supreme hoodie" lol

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The Fame Popster 451

Something about the lazy production and phoned in bars stands out as especially bad in the pantheon of terrible songs from top 40 acts


but then cardi came up and lazy production and crappy rapping became the norm :war:


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Popster to Popster 3,752

Years ago there was a guy who used to hang around my university and would try to sell his CDs to people coming out of the computer labs so probably something off of that Selena gomez crying Memes


though I visited his YouTube a while ago and I will give him credit because he has improved quite a bit


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Popster This Way 769
3 hours ago, BadGurlMadge said:

Ready to get dragged

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sounds like 4 songs mashed together and her vocals are too screamy

the baby is too annoying 

never got the hype, it’s not even good tbh just generic


im obsessed with Dynamite :bradley:

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