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Do you drink coffee or tea?

Coffee or tea?  

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1 hour ago, Dirkje said:

Do you rather drink coffee or tea? And how do you like it?


I like both coffee and tea, I like my coffee with some milk and sugar :)

Both. Hot coffee, Iced Coffee all with extra shots and almond milk. 

Tea herbal, Tisane, Green or black. Black with Soy Milk. 

Boba- but usually get a Soy Milky or a Fruity one.

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Hot coffee black; occasionally I like a latte/cappuccino (and in the summer an iced latte). 

I like all teas but black, with my favorites being green (esp jasmine), oolong, or herbal teas. I've been into fruit teas lately, and I also love Aveda's herbal licorice root tea. And if it's a high-quality black tea like Earl Grey, the I'll drink it, but don't give me any of that Lipton business. I also am a fan of barley tea and corn tea, both hot or cold. 

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Both, I prefer tea though. Coffee has too much caffeine for me, it makes me jittery while I've only experienced that with tea back when I was drinking like six cups of green tea a day.

I usually drink both black but if I'm at a cafe I usually get a latte. And lately I have been making matcha lattes at home because my bf bought a milk foamer and he got me matcha powder for my birthday.

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