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Replay - Appreciation Thread


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Some fans love it. Some fans dont.... 

But one things for sure. The moment GaGa utters the words "Am I still alive?". You will start jumping out of your seats and come alive. :leap:

Its the song from the Chart-Topping Hit Album "Chromatica".....

Its none other than....






@Doot@Twitter @ProjectJoanne @DonatellaPop @raragaga @admin @Daylight Jokers @KatieJudasGaga4 @BadGurlMadge @gagaschickens


Also @Anveeroy is doing an amazing Megarate for Chromatica. Dont forget to participate if you havent yet. :sweat:



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1 minute ago, kaelergrey said:

He looks so handsome. :sweat:

Too bad we will never find out his true identity.  They say he disappeared forever after that performance.  A real shame

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