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My Tagalog EP, "Sayo", is out now


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Hello Monsters. :cm:

My New Tagalog EP, "sayo", is out now. It contains 5 songs from my upcoming full length album that will be released next year. It contains the songs; Sayo, G Ka Ba, Alipin Mo, Desurv Nyo Ang Dalawa and Mata. All solely written by me. I hope youll love it. :cm: 

1. Sayo:


2. G Ka Ba:


3. Alipin Mo:


Link to Spotify here: https://lnkfi.re/sayominialbum

@Joannesrats @Joan Rivers @Joanne @gagaschickens @PETTY @Lorde Von Kok  @ProjectJoanne @A Little Monsterrr  



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