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Pick one role


Pick one role  

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  1. 1. Erase Gaga's acting history to one

    • Ally - A Star is Born
    • The Countess - American Horror Story
    • Victim - 911 Video
    • Gaga - SNL Host 2013
    • Gaga - "There can be a hundred people in a room" interviews

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Kindness Admin 6,944
3 minutes ago, MANiCURE1295 said:

@admin is this a serious question, we know which one it is

and whoever doesn’t choose it is a KatyCLOWN :katy_pie:

why so serious GIF

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ARTPOPster 1,331

Well I know everyone choosing ASIB but I know for a fact, if gaga did THE COUNTESS after Asib, she'd get Rave reviews! I just loved it so much, she was hot, confident, b*chy and a total badass.

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The Popster 94
36 minutes ago, Daylight Jokers said:

I'm so confused, I chose "there can be a 100 people" cuz I thought the goal was to erase one role from her acting discography...but ASIB was leading. :awkney: 

I think he meant erase everything but one acting moment that you think should stay... imo, the answer is obvious - the true achievement that would make even Stanislavsky proud... it required poise, patience, restraint - truly a masterpiece :shine:




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