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Hi sisters!!! -Kimmo


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I just wanted to introduce myself, I found this new cult site thanks to @Twitter 

I love adding my two cents to everything Pop Culture related so please don’t be so harsh on me. 

My biggest interest aside from Gaga are Rina, Kylie Minogue, Grimes, Post Malone and Bad Bunny. Thank you and hope to see some familiar faces along the way :witch-laugh:


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36 minutes ago, lavenderblondee said:

Happy to see you and @Kinmo here!

@COOOK I have missed seeing your avi tbh.



Thank you! I had to bring sister @COOOKalong with me lol 

9 minutes ago, StormPulse said:

omg I remember your Post Malone threads on GGD and yeah ur on ATRL too

ATRL is so messy I've been accused of being a dupe twice, people obsess over everything

Anyways, welcome!

Yes now I have 3 sites that will drag me through the pits of hell lol 

ATRL is full of a holes lol but I live to drag them left and right :ohyes: what’s your @ there? 

OMG never mind we’ve talked before through my DMs !!! Right?

Edited by Kinmo
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ARTPOPster 1,331

Welcome the king of "xxxx serving body" threads @Kinmo and the iconic avi queen @COOOK idk y'all remember but I used to be The blessed Madonna on that other site but was banned. enjoy your time in this cruelty free cult site, we are anti ggd though:shakes:




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