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Donatella had a music video?


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Pop-a-911-ster 21,481

At the Italian edition of Big Brother a model (Mario Ermito) was speaking about his experience with Lady Gaga on the set of a music video. Shortly before the italian date of the artRave, she apparently shot the MV for the ARTPOP track Donatella, in the Versace Palace. The clip, filmed but never officially released, featured Gaga going down the stairs and dancing with many dancers dressed with armors. The video included Donatella herself. 


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Popster to Popster 3,752
32 minutes ago, Edonis said:

Oh wow oh wow. If true, I wonder if it would be similar to what we got with GUY. Maybe more self-parody and humor?

I would have loved to see it :bradley:

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RIP Angel 1,992

It's frustrating to know that they actually already finished filming it but they scrapped the whole thing out. That's so wasteful. DWUW is a different story.

Now I wonder if they did this before G.U.Y's music video cuz that would explain why Interscope didn't want to fund it (G.U.Y MV) anymore.

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