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Ed Sheeran - Afterglow (out now)


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Kindness Admin 6,892

I know people hate on him, but I do think he's very talented and I love a lot of his music.

However, I do take issue with people taking 'breaks' and then having come backs when they're just doing whatever everyone else does between album cycles (especially big ones). Normally this is just the media, but this is how he referred to it himself. :stopga:

ANYWAY, am excited, ha.

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Moderator 4,653
5 minutes ago, Delusional said:

I wouldn’t have a problem with him if his attitude wasn’t so ... meh towards other artists especially bigger legends like Gaga

He just sold out and his music became super boring. I enjoyed a few songs off his last album but other than that I’m definitely not a Sheerio

This and his attitude towards the grammys

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  • PopEmergency changed the title to Ed Sheeran - The Afterglow (out now)
  • PopEmergency changed the title to Ed Sheeran - Afterglow (out now)

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