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POPa911 V2 is live


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Kindness Admin 6,925

Hey Popsters,

It took a wee bit longer than expected, but we're here. POP a 911 V2. This is the beginning of the future instead of a fully finished state. There are lots of small changes you might stumble upon, but I wanted to highlight some of larger ones first. I also want to emphasize none of these pages are finished and more will be added to them in the coming weeks along with some design and bug fixes as they're found!

1.) It's not a full redesign, but there are lots and lots of changes all over the place. More consistent fonts, better padding, mobile fixes, new headers, new layouts and more. I'm simplifying the design to make way for an automatic dark mode (aka one that matches your device's setting). That will come in the next month and then we can dig in even deeper into design once things are in a good place. 

2.) You can add social media links in your profile! I strongly suggest checking out your profile and adding some info. Pronouns now show on mobile and desktop, for instance, I strongly recommend everyone add theirs :D.

3.) The forums have been restructured. Hopefully it's a bit more clear. We'll be playing around a bit more to get things just right, with things like tags and such. 

4.) The home page is now the trending page. Simplified to highlight recent comments in 'pop culture' (Gaga, entertainment, etc.) and 'popsters' (open chat, games, site announcements). There is a new intro section that will be optimized soon so veteran popsters don't see the intro text all the time, but I do think it looks nice, so enjoy it for now, ha. I also added the ability to hide/show topic feeds to help those on mobile. The goal here was to simplify and create new pages which specialize in different areas. One annoying note, there are ads sprinkled about, sorry, but some of them are not loading. That was not a priority to fix, ha, but sorry if there are strange gaps of white space around. But speaking of new pages...

5.) Discover tab. This page is going to be the most expanded in the coming weeks, but it will be the place to go to see what topics deserve your immediate attention along with a great way to discover content throughout the site which can easily get lost - especially long running 'official' threads. The current offerings are at a minimum, but more and more will be added over the weeks. It's a fun place to be and I hope you all visit it frequently.

6.) Popster Hub. Come here to read statuses, update your own, see birthdays, check in on achievements, partake in the the weekly official poll and much more to come. I want this to be a place that feels warm and inviting. Our community is truly the best and sometimes I just want to hang out with you all.

Those are the major updates, I'll post some more info on some other small bits that just came out or are coming out over the next month, but that's a lot for now. Major props to the popa911 team which have been so helpful. Special thanks to @Twitter / @Dirkje for super helpful advice and @Cerv for their EXCELLENT artwork which now graces our social media and home page.

Hope everyone is having a nice 2021. 

-admin :kiss:

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Deactivated 14,311
2 minutes ago, little legend said:

i love that @admin shamelessly copied paste FascismDaily, but made it 100x times better

CenshorshipDaily admin must be so pressed

Well living legends and you are here... WHERE ARE THEY?

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Pop-a-911-ster 39,110
1 minute ago, Delusional said:

Was this a wig she wore or natural hair? :shakes: I can’t even remember what this was from 

Biden-support thingy on IG

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