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Paparazzi vs Born This Way Vs DWUW


Paparazzi vs BTW vs Do What U Want   

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  1. 1. Which song is better poll

    • Paparazzi
    • Born This Way
    • Do What U Want

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  • Poll closed on 07/30/2021 at 07:05 AM

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ARTPOPster 1,319
7 minutes ago, Twitter said:

DWUW and Paparazzi are apart of my favorite Gaga songs. Glad to see DWUW getting the respect it deserves.


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Popster to Popster 3,760

Paparazzi > Born This Way > Do What You Want

i love all of them tho :)

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ARTPOPster 2,173

Why do so many people like Do What U Want? After the whole thing that went on it just feels kinda gross for me to listen to, I don’t know :dead:

And Paparazzi’s better anyway :dead:

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If i'm being honest, I never really liked Paparazzi that much as a song. I love R&B inspired Gaga and I wish she'd do that more, but Born This Way is one of my favourite gaga songs ever, and coincidentally her longest running #1 hit, which also debuted at #1 in 2011:romance:

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