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HausLabs: Our first-ever Undercover Glam Mystery Kit!


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6 hours ago, blankpaper said:

Finally something that’s easy to not buy 

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Because I probably already have the ~mystery~ items anyway 


When has it not been easy not to buy?

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The Fame Popster 319
47 minutes ago, PopEmergency said:

they are trying to get rid of their stock :rip:

a) it doesn't sell that well 


b) they need space in their warehouse for new stuff

I mean obviously but it’s also quite a good deal if you just want to try random products. I’m interested in 90% of Haus Labs products so unless I got the same thing twice (and let’s be real they are definitely trying to get rid of that sparkle brow/lash topper product that no one bought lol) or exactly what I already have I would be likely be more than satisfied with what I would receive.

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