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Lady Gaga new interview for CNBC


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I believe this is mostly about the well health safety seal thing. Can't provide more detail on that as I exclusively visit dive-y places.
Timestamp for her part is around 15:30

Also I've taken the time to upload a soundbite that people here may find useful. Enjoy.




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Popster to Popster 3,689

The way the interview got caught short :icant: but at least we heard from her. I miss her voice. Glad to see she is supporting the IWBI too. This made me hold onto my optimism that maybe there is still a chance that we will concerts and large events by summer/fall. And I appreciated her shoutout to my favorite baseball team :oscar:

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8 hours ago, NotDoctor said:

When the interviewer called her "LG" :icant:

I'd rather that then when everyone used to spell Lady Gaga as "Lady GaGa"

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