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Jeff Bezos quits as Amazon CEO - Becomes Executive Chair


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Yeah, this is done as a distraction from a few things.

Amazon was just found guilty and fined around $61 million for essentially stealing wages from its drivers AND union suppression for its warehouse workers. Bezos will still be kept on and pulling ropes behind the scenes and controlling everyt

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I think he wants to focus on space and other more interesting things. He'll still make all his money from Amazon, it doesn't need him when it's already conquered and won.

And yeah, probably helps to not have to deal with all the lawsuits and similar issues as directly like @Joannesratsmentioned.

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1 hour ago, Monster said:

so he became a geriatric irrelevant flop?

So- there is so much wrong with this. Her career spans decades, if she was so irrelevant why would you be compelled to comment about her? Her age has nothing to do with this and you should know better even when joking. She is timeless! An icon! A legend and a moment. 

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