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Just for fun .. How bad is your Spotify ?


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Popster This Way 553

So just for fun .. there's a website that judges (in an ironic way) your spotify activity and gives you a result at the end!!

It would be soo funny to share with us y'alls results :enigma:

Here's the link : https://pudding.cool/2020/12/judge-my-spotify/

WARNING: The robot is veeery savage and will JUDGE YOU!! (but it's funny tho)

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Just now, YourPocko said:

OMGGG I haven't seen it .. sorry .. I've literally just joined the forum the past 5 days :bradley: Do I have to delete or what do we usually have to do?

I think it's all good, darling! Maybe some mod will merge both threads or something, don't worry :kiss:

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Popster This Way 553
2 minutes ago, artgagapop said:

What is this ogh :icant:

Analyzing your listening history...



okay hold up

Do you really listen to Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande) by Lady Gaga?

Like ironically?


Byeeeeeeeeeee :leap:

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ARTPOPster 1,672

let me just:

i mean:

> Your spotify was First-in-line-for-the-Chromatica-Oreos-BTS-is-great-please-dont-ddos-us-twitter-fighting bad.

> Thank your obsessions with Lady Gaga, BTS, and Little Mix for that.

> Based on your listening habits, I can also tell you your spotify was...

> britney-in-vegas bad

> former-child-star bad

> folklore-evermore-dumbledore-witch-pop bad

> albanian-pop-agenda bad

> hxcore-falsetto bad

> But wait, it gets worse:

You listen to these tracks too much:

  • The Cure by Lady Gaga
  • 911 by Lady Gaga
  • Fun Tonight by Lady Gaga
  • Gypsy by Lady Gaga
  • Poker  Face by Lady Gaga

You stan these artists to an uncomfortable extent:

  • Lady Gaga
  • Britney Spears
  • BTS
  • Ariana Grande
  • Little Mix

You are 58% basic. You've got some original music, but most of it is mainstream garbage, like BTS..

You're stuck in the early 2010s. You must have peaked right around Taylor Swift's Red (Deluxe Edition).

Analysis completed in 4.012 exhausting seconds.

I guess the important thing is that your music makes you feel good...

Shutting down.

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ARTPOPster 2,173

> Your spotify was manic-pixie-dream-girl-escape-room-You're-wearing-the-Chromatica-Jockstrap-aren't-you? bad.

> Thank your obsessions with marina, escape room, and Lady Gaga for that.

> Based on your listening habits, I can also tell you your spotify was...

> adam-lambert-sex-fantasy bad

> tay-tay-fangirl bad

> twitter-fighting bad

> albanian-pop-agenda bad

> can't-name-the-members-in-the-band bad

> But wait, it gets worse:

You listen to these tracks too much:

  • Man's World by MARINA
  • Stain on Me by Only Fire
  • Woman by Kesha
  • Slow It Down by Charlie Puth
  • Make Me Like You by Gwen Stefani

You stan these artists to an uncomfortable extent:

  • DC
  • Lady Gaga
  • Taylor Swift
  • Dua Lipa

You are 44% basic. Most of your music comes straight from iHeartRadio. lol Sia..

You're too trendy for your own good. You know there's good music from before 2019, right?

Analysis finally complete.

Thanks for letting me see your music I guess.

Shutting down.

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I literally don't even listen to my own music that much... maybe I spent a lot of time streaming Blue earlier last year when it came out but like this feels super inaccurate :billie:

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> Your spotify was manic-pixie-dream-girl-escape-room-nobody-puts-baby-in-a-corner bad.

> Based on your listening habits, I can also tell you your spotify was...

> britney-in-vegas bad

> local-talk-radio-bumper-sticker-b*ch bad

> artpop-apologist bad 

> k-pop-for-breakfast bad

> stop-getting-all-your-music-from-tiktok bad

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