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Fave songs and underrated songs


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Popster to Popster 3,689

Welcome to the forum! Here are mine:

Favorite Song: Marry the Night

Favorite Album: Born This Way

Underrated Songs: So Happy I Could Die, ARTPOP, Grigio Girls

Favorite lyrics:

  • I stare at the girl in the mirror, she talks to me too
  • New York is not just a tan that you'll never loose
  • I could be your girl
    Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl
    But would you love me
    If I ruled the world, world, world
  • yaas, gaga 1
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The Fame Popster 319

I think Perfect Illusion is underrated only because so many people hate it and think it’s awful when it’s one of my favourite songs by her. I love the grit and emotion, and the acoustic piano versions are incredible.

Also Fashion! I think is an incredibly beautiful, powerful and campy song. The mid song belt + piano intro are amazing and just perfectly “set the scene”, I feel happy every time I listen to it

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Popster to Popster 3,752

Out of Gaga's discography, my current favorites are ARTPOP and Stupid Love. I also like The Edge of Glory and Marry The Night in a nostalgic kind of way.

Perfect Illusion and A-YO seem, not underrated exactly but divisive (?), but I'll go with them anyway. If I liked the lyrics better I might include Teeth, too.

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ARTPOPster 1,279

I Like It Rough
Bad Romance
Bloody Mary

I Like It Rough
Paper Gangsta (I said what I said)
Electric Chapel
Replay (best song on Chromatica, I SAID WHAT I SAID)

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Kindness Admin 6,892
4 hours ago, Drew said:

A forum for people who want to talk about their favourite songs, lyrics, underrated songs, albums, or more

Sleep time for me, but welcome! I’ll respond to this tomorrow  :sistrens:

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ARTPOPster 2,470

i feel like jewels n drugs is underrated. i honestly love that song, the trap beat is so catchy and its nice to hear gaga experiment and do something different.

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