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Gaga on Twitter: 21 Days Until Election Day


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Popster to Popster 3,889

Her NY accent feels STRONG in this video, I love it.

I just moved so I had to go through some stuff to change my address on my ID/voter registration BUT I just sent my request for my ballot, and it should be here by next week.  I was impressed at how fast they were to send me my request in mail. They aren't messing around.

 I'm a little upset I waited this long, but I was going to vote in person, aaaand after seeing all the horror stories in the news, and knowing I only have from when I get off work to wait in line to vote, I figured it'd be best to absentee vote this time around. 

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The Fame Popster 401

This video has strong Facebook mom energy. I love her!

I wonder if she'll ever use her government name in her professional life. 

8 hours ago, Twitter said:

Glad she is promoting people to vote but not overdoing it like back in 2016.

She said she's going to post about voting for the next 21 days... overdoing it is her middle name :abel_glow:

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ARTPOPster 1,331

Yass political ga! But does that mean for the next 21 days she's going to be in this mode!

NoChromatica content for next 21 days:pillow:

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Kindness Admin 6,892

I still would prefer her to more overtly back Biden, even if she's nervous she had a negative effect on Hillary in 2016.

But other than that, super happy to see her doing this and to be so cute. I was out canvassing for AOC last week signing people up to vote in NYC and it felt really nice.

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It’s great the way she used her platform for good.

I wondered this too? Do you think she’ll go by Stefani permanently and drop the Lady Gaga name? I’ve had this question for a long time actually....

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