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Welcome to Beyoncé's RENAISSANCE album Megarate!

Beyoncé's New Album 'Renaissance' Will Feature Collaborations With Everyone  From Drake to Skrillex | GQ

Queen B's 7th studio album RENAISSANCE is finally here after a long 6 years wait! Critically acclaimed, this album marks a new House sound for the most awarded singer in Grammy history. Here's your chance to show how you've liked this new project and show your taste!


  • You have to rate (1-10) each and every track of the album. 
  • You can also rate your absolutely favorite track 11. Just ONE track (specify that track in the end of the form and the mark will be replaced by an 11 for that song). 
  • Zeroes are not allowed.
  • Decimals are also allowed.
  • Comments are not mandatory.

Beyonce Drops 4-Track 'Break My Soul' Remix EP – Billboard


1. I’m That Girl
2. Cozy
3. Alien Superstar
4. Cuff It
5. Energy
6. Break My Soul
7. Church Girl
8. Plastic Off the Sofa
9. Virgo’s Groove
10. Move
11. Heated
12. Thique
13. All Up in Your Mind
14. America Has a Problem
15. Pure/Honey
16. Summer Renaissance

Listen to the album:


Submit your rates here


Dates (may be subject to change):

Last day of submission: Sunday, Agust 28th, 2022

Ceremony : Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

Beyoncé's look book of fashion's exhaustingly fabulous era – Petch Ployz




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Popster to Popster 3,801


Edit: Already Voted! 

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Pop-a-911-ster 54,767
On 8/19/2022 at 10:12 PM, Clever Username said:

You know my PopA911 career is over when I'm not tagged :cupcake:

Welp sis 


I just tagged a few people, mostly from the charts thread


But I highly encorage you to submit so that this doesn't flop


  • lol 1
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Pop-a-911-ster 54,767
On 8/20/2022 at 5:45 PM, zoldyck said:



I have very strong feelings about most tracks. Its either I don't like them at all (1 point) or I absolutely love them (10 points).  

At least you displayed taste on most of the essential tracks :katy:

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Pop-a-911-ster 54,767

Voting closes tonight at midnight Euro time

Ceremony will take place on Tuesday August 30th by 8 PM European time if that's ok for everyone?

I can adjust if people prefer later or earlier depending on timezones etc

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  • Fame Romance changed the title to BEYONCÉ: RENAISSANCE MEGARATE (LAST DAY OF VOTES)

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