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Who do you stan, other than Gaga?


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Obviously, Lady Gaga is the #1 on her dedicated forum. But is Gaga the only artist you stan?

With this thread we can find out who the #2 most stanned artist is on Popa911! 

I'm not going to add a poll to avoid someone's fave not being listed there. 

Lets go!

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The Fame Popster 318


actually i don't stan anyone in the crazy stan sense of it

but my fave pop gals are lanataylormadonna

also radiohead, linkin park, brockhampton, lorde, kanye, tove lo, beyoncé, florence, imogen heap, twenty one pilots... 🤔

yeah, my faves playlist is made of these

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The Popster 89

Longest obsessional female artist on par with Gaga  I’ve loved as much as Gaga is Pj Harvey, met her as a child kindest person ever. Met her a few more times 

nick cave view GIF

I wonder if anyone on here is a fan besides me, PS she said she liked Gaga! This is insanely huge. She doesn’t voice a lot.

2 other ladies I’m also obsessed with are ...

GIF by Alex Bedder
I long for the day Gaga and Stevie duet


kate bush 80s GIF
oh Kate 


a honorable mention of someone in modern music today that I really like & follow a bit is Billie Ellish 

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Popster This Way 564

1 Lady Gaga& Laverne Cox

2 M.I.A., Myyki Blanco, Peppermint, Princess Nokia, Cupcakke

3. Missy Elliot, Pabllo Vittar, Shakira, Nura, Sookee, Little mix

4Rihanna, Beyonce, CL, Cardi B

5 Arianna grande, Sirmantis, charlie xcx, Blackpink, the directors/produers/writers (they are transwomen!) of the Matrix and Sense 8


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Popster to Popster 3,752

I wouldn't say I stan anyone, but the only other musician I follow is M.I.A.

Granted, half the time I'm following her it's like this (ಠ_ಠ) but other than that I mostly follow comedians or film people.

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